What is BPAA?

BPAA is an association of School-Based Administrators who offer services for Principals.

BPAA is made up of nearly 500 members, all of whom believe in the importance and value of education. Chartered in the 1970's the association is recognized as one of the top school based administrator associations in the state.

BPAA serves to monitor and influence local school board and legistlative activities by informing its members, on isues, policies, and legistlation affecting the membership.


Frequently asked questions

BPAA is an active group, but just what does it do?

The primary mission of the BPAA is to generate one voice representing School-Based Administrators in order to provide a favorable environment in which Principals and Assistant Principals can work in Broward County. This mission is achieved with strong support and representation of administrators in both government and the private sector.

The BPAA is a not for profit corporation governed by a body of elected directors. Who are these people?

The president, treasurer and secretary are individuals elected from the entire membership. The remaining Board of Directors are elected chairpersons or the various levels and organizations including the Broward Assistant Principals' Association, The Broward Association of Elementary School Principals, The Broward High School Principals, The Middle School Principals, and The Adult Vocational and Center Principals.

These school based administrators are responsible for the direction and success of the association, but of course, they do not do it alone. The day to day business of BPAA is performed by a competent Executive Director.

So, BPAA also creates better public awareness of issues affecting principals and assistant principals?

That is correct. However, a good public image is just one of the ways BPAA promotes school based administrators. Other highly successful methods it employs include legislative and political action and the "One Vote Newsletter"!


Why do so many Principals and Assistant Principals belong to BPAA?

Many are motivated by their desire for fair representation in the many arenas that constantly affect their employment conditions. Many members join in order to have access to the legal defense benefits. However, the main reason is to work as one.

School based administrators joined in order to become active on various committees. The committees monitor local school board initiatives which have an impact at the school site.

Case in point: By reviewing and influencing a policy change for the hiring of school based administrators. A BPAA committee recently helped ensure that all persons would be considered for job openings.

The ability to enjoy many social activities, leadership opportunities, and valuable benefits and services are other reasons to join BPAA.