Great news!  Yesterday, The Broward County School Board unanimously approved the attached salary raises along with all the other bargaining groups and meet and confer groups with the exception of BTU.  All groups received the same raise amount of 2.2 percent and were allowed to use the total dollars as they wanted in terms of how to distribute the raise dollars.  BPAA requested and was granted the following methodology:  First, everyone on the grand fathered salary schedule will move up one step on the grand fathered salary schedule.  The cost of the step is 1.11 percent.  For those individuals at the top of the schedule, they will receive the equivalent of 1.11 percent in a lump sum payment which will be paid out over the remaining pay checks in this fiscal year.  The remaining 1.09 percent will be applied as a percent across the board increase to the salary schedule, thereby making the total raise 2.2 percent for all persons on the grand fathered salary schedule.  Retro checks will be paid out from July 1 and also be included in the raise.  It is expected that the raise will be included in the last pay period of February. 
For those individuals on the pay for performance schedule - if you received a highly effective on your 2013-2014 evaluation, you will receive an increase of 2.93 percent.  If you received an effective evaluation for the 2013-2014 year, you will receive a 2.2 percent increase. 

On behalf of the Broward Principals and Assistants Association, we are pleased to have worked hard to move this forward.  Thanks to the School Board for their support.

Lisa Maxwell
Executive Director

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