Member Services Overview

Employment Advocacy

There are times in each school-based administrator's career when being on the "firing line" takes on a significant meaning. During times of increased stress and political pressures, members have a place to turn for peer counseling and even legal counsel.

BPAA advocates for the fair and equitable treatment of its members and has been instrumental in helping to avoid problematic employment situations.

Community Involvement

Membership in the Broward Principals' and Assistants' Association (BPAA) provides its members with genuine community involvement, a voice in local, state and national activities that effect your working conditions and education as a whole.

BPAA does this by supporting:

Full-time Executive Director - The BPAA Executive Director works with School Board members, the Superintendent, and District Staff to insure that School-Based Administrators have input into the decision-making process.

Information - The many communication tools of the BPAA (One Voice, etc.) keep you and the entire membership up-to-date on governmental activities that affect School-Based Administrators, and offer advice on how to deal with those activities.

Prestigious Affiliations

Membership in the Broward Principals' and Assistants' Association (BPAA) provides its members access to membership in the Florida Association of School Administrators, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Prestigious recognition can be achieved through involvement & chairpersonship of BPAA committees or being elected to the BPAA Board of Directors.

BPAA programs encourage all school-based management professionals to strive for outstanding performance and leadership in the field of education.

Retirement Information

Florida Retirement System (FRS) members who retire and enter DROP after July 1, 2010 will earn 3% each year of DROP. Current DROP participants will earn 6.5% each year.

Last year the Florida Legislature passed two items: an FRS retiree cannot be reemployed by a participating FRS employer for 6 months and cannot earn a 2nd FRS retirement.

Vacation Limit Reminder – recent principals can accumulate 60 days and older principals can accumulate 62 ½ days. Any earned vacation beyond the above limits will be reduced on July 1, 2010.

The legislature will present a significant number of bills in the next session. It bears watching.

Please call our BPAA Retirement Consultant, if you have any questions.
Pete Tingom (954) 850-1321

Legal Defense

The BPAA Legal Defense Committee has been established to provide legal services to the members of the BPAA, whose careers and job security are threatened, and to administer in accordance with the BPAA Legal Defense Guidelines established by the Executive Board and the Legal Defense Fund.

This fund may finance actions brought by the Association or by Association members, with the consent of the Board of Directors, for purposes or protecting the Association's interests and/or those of its members, as well as the integrity and standards of our profession.

For access to Legal Defense benefits it members must first contact the BPAA before initiating any legal action.

Legal Defense Committee Guidelines - CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Christopher J. Whitelock, Esq.
Whitelock & Associates, P.A.
The Whitelock Law Building
300 Southeast Thirteenth Street
Suite D
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33316
Phone: 954-463-2001
Facsimile: 954-463-0410

Other Services and Involvement

Committees &Councils

The Broward Principals' and Assistants' Association (BPAA) has a vested interest in Broward County and in providing a quality education to each and every student in our system. Broward County is our home. Our students are our future.

Most members find, as you will, that participating in one or more of our on-going projects results in rewards that far exceed the efforts.

Standing Committees & Councils:

Legal Defense
Meet and Confer
Fringe Benefits
Political Action


The BPAA is a not-for-profit corporation representing the collective interests of school-based administrators in Broward County. The BPAA also coordinates with other counties around the state through affiliation with the Florida Council of Administrators and the Florida Association of School Administrators.

Activities include joint lobbying efforts in Tallahassee, Legal Counsel, Advocacy and shared information.

The BPAA is also the primary administrative vehicle for the BPAA Political Action Committee.

Political Action

Our Political Action Committee interviews state legislative and school board candidates running for election. The PAC provides candidates with endorsements and campaign contributions.

Click here to view BPAA PAC endorsements for the upcoming August Primary Election.

One Voice

You now have the opportunity to participate in an association dedicated to improving your future.