BPAA 2014-2015 Officers & Board of Directors

BPAA Officers

  • Executive Director - Lisa Maxwell
  • Shawn Cerra, High School Principal and President
  • Angine Tyghter, Assistant Principal and President Elect
  • Steve Frazier, Middle School Principal and Treasurer
  • Patricia Yackel, Elementary Principal and Secretary
  • Patrick Sauer, Assistant Principal Representative

Board of Directors 2014- 2015

Arlene Schwartz​ , Assistant Principal and FASA District Representative
Camille Pontillo, Elementary Principal
Deborah Brown, Assistant Principal
Diane Pressman, Elementary School Principal
Jack Vesey, Middle School Principal
Janet Morales, Middle School Principal
Jeanette Johnson, Principal Adult /Technical Center
Leo Nesmith, Center Principal
David Watkins, Center Principal
Liz Tatum, Assistant Principal
Marc Charpentier Elementary Principal and Level ​Chairperson Elementary Principals
Maria Tracy , Elementary Principal and Past President
Michael Gleason, Center Principal
Sharon Grant, Assistant Principal
Theresa Bucolo, Elementary Principal and Chairperson Scholarship Committee
Vered Roberts, Elementary Principal
Washington Collado, Middle School Principal
John Lacasse, High School Principal and Level Chairperson, High School Principals
Philip Bullock, Elementary Principal
Erik Anderson, Elementary Principal
Angel Gomez, High School Principal
Chris McGuire, Assistant Principal
Debra Johnson, Assistant Principal
James Neer, High School Principal
Krista Herrera, Middle School Principal
Scott Fiske, High School Principal
Sherry Bees, Elementary Principal
James Griffin, Middle School Principal and Level Chairperson Middle School Principals
Bonnie Clemon, Center Principal and Level Chairperson of Center Principals
Maryellen Fowler, Past President and Retired BPAA member